ZEE5 Original Web Series – Everything You Need To Know!


Nowadays, happiness has become a powerful and fundamental medicine that helps health and wellbeing. Happiness comes from entertainment and movies have become an important part of our lives. Movies are a source of popular entertainment, a powerful medium for indoctrinating or educating citizens. We provide Top 10 ZEE5 original web series list.

They can help us to better understand the lives of those around us, the lives of ourselves and even how our culture and society are to operate. today’s we will give you all information about ZEE5. in this article, we will tell you what is ZEE5 and how much its costs. many peoples want to know that how to use ZEE5.

We mentioned below the main features and subscription plan of Zee5. so let’s start to know about ZEE5. first, we need to know what is Zee5. so let’s start.

What is Zee5?

Zee5 is streaming platform that allows watching on the web(its official website), Android, Smart TVs, and iOS. It is an Indian video on demand website run by Essel Group via its subsidiary Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. It allows the user to watch web series, movies, and T.V shows.
If you want, you can use ZEE5 by installing the app on mobile. You will feel that entertainment has become alive at Zee5.

Do You Know… 

Want Zee5 Original Web series So don’t hesitate to just subscribe to the ZEE5. It is one of the best streaming platforms for watching movies, tv shows, and web series. Zee5 is a video streaming service that provides movies and TV Shows in a sort of language, including English.

Zee5 App is an entertainment android app available at free of cost in Google Play Store as a normal version. but if you want to play on its website. so you can subscribe easily by following some simple steps. we mentioned below that how to use ZEE5.  you can also use it on your tablets, IOS and Laptop.

Use Zee5 and enjoys unlimited entertainment with 100,000+ hours of video content and 80+ Live TV channels. Zee5 Download for android and watch it.

You Need To know

ZEE5 has different plans. it has three premium plans. Zee5 Premium plans give you a wide range of TV shows and movies. To get a wide range of ZEE5 original web series, movies, and TV shows, So you can use Zee5 and increase your entertainment. if you want, there are many popular streaming platforms available. you can see below.

It provides shows in many languages with many channels. You can enjoy the desired and missed shows also. Use ZEE5 original to get thousands of hours of movie and TV content. you can use Zee5 App to access all the movies and TV. For accessing all the movies and TV, you need to buy subscription plans for Zee5.

So let’s move on to the next topic. our next topic is ZEE5 Subscription Plans & Features.

Zee5 Subscription Plans & Features
Costs99 INR599 INR999 INR
Period1 Month6 Month1 Year
New MoviesYesYesYes
ZEE5 Original Web SeriesYesYesYes
T.V ShowsYes Yes Yes
Live ChannelsYes YesYes

How to use ZEE5?

  • In this paragraph, I will show you how to use ZEE5. there are only two ways to use this platform. first, you have to buy a subscription plan for ZEE5. I have told above all Plans of ZEE5. Now it’s your choice Which plan is right for you.
  • So buy one and then we move on to the next process. The first way is, you have to install ZEE5 App on your mobile. then log in with Your Premium Account. and select your display language.
  • Then ready to use. Second Way is, You have to browse its official website on your tablet or computer. Register or login to your account. select your preferred language and browse your favorite movies. 
  • When you set up all the settings then you can see the above categories. Categories like Movies, live t.v, ZEE5 original, Shows,  Music, News, and Videos. You can select the category in which you want to Watch. All the shows of this category will be listed which will be selected.
  • If you do not find any file in the list, you can search by typing the name of the file in the search box. so that’s all about ZEE5. if you have any questions and confusion about ZEE5. So You can ask by commenting below.

Top 10 ZEE5 Web Series List

There are many Web series available in ZEE5. But there is something which is very popular. We are giving below some such popular web series.

  1. The Final Call.
  2. RangBaaz.
  3. Karenjit Kaur – the untold story of sunny leone.
  4. Virgin Bhaskar.
  5. Kaafir.
  6. Badnaam Gali.
  7. The Sholay Girl.
  8. Ishq Aaj Kal.
  9. Broken But Beautiful.
  10. Poison

The all web series we mentioned above is quite popular. You should see it all. You should buy the subscription Plan as soon as possible and start watching. 

Languages Support

  • Display Languages
  • Hindi
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam
  • Punjabi
  • Kannada
  • Bengali
  • Bhojpuri
  • Marathi
  • Tamil
  • Gujarati
  • English
  • Content Languages
  • Hindi
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam
  • Punjabi
  • Kannada
  • Bengali
  • Bhojpuri
  • Marathi
  • Tamil
  • Oriya
  • English


Above, I have described all about ZEE5 in detail. So you must have found out what is ZEE5 and how it works. we also provide top 10 ZEE5 original web series list.
If you face any problem in installing or while using ZEE5. So you can comment below. we will fix it soon. let’s knows us about your experience by commenting.

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