On New Year’s Eve, WhatsApp users, create a new record

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On New Year’s Eve, WhatsApp users, create a new record

In India, the level of WhatsApp users is the highest in the world.

WhatsApp apps on New Year’s Eve, a new record, exchanged more than 100 billion messages. India accounted for a fifth of the net message exchanges from that record-breaking number.

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used communication apps on the planet, and as such, sees an insane number of message and media exchanges on a daily basis. But New Year’s Eve broke a record that has stood since the inception of WhatsApp a decade ago. 

With over 100 billion messages sent in the ten-year history of WhatsApp, WhatsApp can confirm that December 31, 2019 saw more messages being sent than ever in the last day.

WhatsApp wrote in a press release that over 100 billion messages were shared globally on 31 December in a 24-hour period until midnight of the new year. This is a record-breaking volume, and WhatsApp has exchanged the most messages in a single day since it discontinued its services ten years ago.

Of those 100 billion + messages shared on New Year’s Eve,WhatsApp users.  In addition, out of 100 billion + messages shared on the platform, there were approximately 12 billion images.

WhatsApp is one of the world’s largest messaging apps with close to two billion users. Festivals occur when people exchange large numbers of messages on the app which include picture messages and stickers.

Last Year on New Year’s Eve, WhatsApp shared 75 billion messages, including more than 13 billion pictures and 5 billion videos. India is the largest market for WhatsApp and on New Year’s Eve 2018, Indians have sent more than 20 billion messages on the app.

While the net global volume of message exchange on a single day is impressive, the contribution of Indians is also quite remarkable. WhatsApp says that Indian users shared over 20 billion messages on New Year’s Eve, which is about one-fifth of the total number of messages globally. This is not surprising, given the fact that the largest share of WhatsApp users is Indian, and the number is growing rapidly.

The Facebook-owned company said that text-messaging is the most popular WhatsApp feature (obviously), followed by status, picture messaging, calling, and voice notes in the same order.

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