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Java Tutorial

Hello Friends, a Java programming series is going to start today. We will learn about Introduction to Java programming language. Today we will tell you what is Java? And also tell the history of Java. To understand Java Programming language well, we are also writing its features of Java and Application of Java.

Should I learn Java?

Java is a Popular Object-Oriented Programming language. There are many places like Scientific areas, commercial areas, education areas here where java used. it is very used in the commercial areas and e-commerce websites to android apps.

it also used to make scientific applications and financial applications. Java is being used on a very large scale. This is a very important factor in life, so we should learn Java. let’s know about what is Java.

Application of Java

  • Android Applications.
  • Mobile Applications.
  • Desktop Applications.
  • Web Applications.
  • Server Applications.
  • J2ME Applications. (Nokia Phones)
  • Embedded Applications.
  • Scientific Applications.
  • Entrprise Applications.
  • Gaming Applications.

Introduction To Java

What Is Java?

Java is the Programming Language and A Platform for Developing the application. it’s an object-oriented high-level language. it’s used to develop various types of applications.

Used for Making:-

  • Android Applications and other Mobile Apps.
  • Computer Softwares.
  • Web Apps.
  • Games.
  • Other Computing Programs.

History Of Java

Java Programming Language Developed By Sun Microsystems(It later joined Oracle). It released in 1995 as a core component of Sun Microsystems. It’s originally designed by James Gosling¬†at Sun Microsystems. The old name of Java was Oak. But a company with this name(Oak) was already registered. So that’s why James Gosling and the team together named it Oak to Java.

Features of Java

  • Simple

Java is a simple Programming Language to learn. Java Programming code is very easy to write as compared to other programming languages and Easy to read. its syntax is simple and short easy to understand. According to Sun Microsystems, Java language is a simple programming language. Java is designed for easy learning. If you understand the basic concept of Java then you will be easy to master.

  • Portable

Java is a portable language because You can run java bytecode to any platform. It’s not required any implementation in Bytecode.

  • Object-Oriented

Java is an object-oriented programming language. Everything in Java is an object which includes some data and behavior. Object-oriented means the software is a combination of different types of objects that includes both data and behavior. We have mentioned below some basic concept of OOPs.

    1. Object
    2. Class
    3. Inheritance
    4. Polymorphism
    5. Abstraction
    6. Encapsulation
  • Support Language

Java is a dynamic language. Java is considered the fastest programming language as Compared to C and C++. It supports the random loading of classes. It means classes will load on command. It also supports the functions of native languages like C and C++.

  • High Performance

Java is an interpreted language that’s why it’s not fast from compiled languages like C and C++.but it is faster than from other interpreted programming languages because Java bytecode is “close” to native code.

  • Robust

Java tries to Eliminate the error encountered during Runtime checking. Java is Robust because it uses highly strong memory management. it has automatic garbage collection.

  • Secure

Java is a Secured Platform. it Provides a virus-free and temper free system. Java is more secured because there are no explicit pointers.

  • Multi-thread

Java Multi-thread features make it possible to create programs that can do many things at once. it means only one program can do much work at the same time. the best advantage of multi-threads is that it does not occupy multiple memory locations for threads. it occupies common memory locations for threads.

  • Platform Independence

Java is an Independent Programming language. Some other languages like C or C++, create Programs on a single platform and run the only single machine. but Java Programs, You can make anywhere and Run anywhere.

Last Words-

Learn all basics of Java Programming Language. We mentioned above What is java, Introduction to Java and features of Java. So please read carefully we will meet again next chapter.

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