What Is Instagram & History Of Instagram- Installation Guide


Hello friends, today I will give you all information about Instagram. we will tell you what is Instagram? and how to use it on Instagram? We will describe how you can use Instagram on PC and How to install Instagram on Your PC or mobile. so let’s start to know about Instagram. first, we need to know what is Instagram? so let’s start.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a free social networking platform that provides users with an interface to talk among themselves. Users can send photos and videos to each other. It’s a completely free service. It does not have to pay any kind of charge. I hope You Understood that what is Instagram. so let’s know about the history of Instagram.

History Of Instagram?

Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Kevin Systrom was interested in social media sharing from the beginning. He started spending his free time in social photo sharing. He created a program he named Burban.

Then he shared this program with his friends. He popularized his program while doing so. They started taking sponsorship with external companies. Then while doing this, he made his program quite popular. Eventually, Kevin Systorm, along with his friend Mike Krieger, tried to make it even more advanced.

After this, Kevin Systrom and his friend Mike Krieger launched Instagram in 2010. Its program was first launched in Apple O.S. Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram in 2012. So Instagram Owned by Facebook.

So you must have understood what was the history of Instagram and how it became. so let’s move on to the next topic. We will try to explain it to you by Instagram via the table. so let’s start.

Table Of Instagram

Instagram Software Details
App NameInstagram
Available forAndroid, IOS, and PC
Size (Android/IOS/PC) 30 MB/133 MB/ 79 MB
DeveloperFacebook, inc
Release Date 6 Oct. 2010
Created ByKevin Systrom & Mike Krieger
Owned ByFacebook

How To Use Instagram

In this paragraph, we will explain how to use Instagram. We will tell all the important points of Instagram. So let’s get started and know how to use Instagram.

  • To use Instagram, one has to first install its software in your device. To use this, first, register Instagram with your email account. After registering you need to set your profile.
  • Register by putting your mobile number in the profile. Also, put your name in the display name settings. After that, if you want, you can search and follow your existing friends.
  • And if you want, you can make friends by searching for new friends. It has a separate chatting section where you can see which people you talked to by clicking.
  • You can also share videos and photos while talking. On Instagram, many people can talk together by creating a group. Using Instagram, you can expand your business.
  • Because it has the option of a business account in which you can give information about your business. You can use it to spread your business.
  • There is a search box at the top of Instagram where you can find any people, groups, and pages by typing and follow or join as well.

So you must have learned how to use Instagram and what is Instagram. So without wasting time we go to the next topic. Next, we will know what are the features of Instagram. so let’s start.

Main Features of Instagram

There are many exclusive features available on Instagram. all features are very useful and easy to use. In this paragraph, we will tell you which features of Instagram. Below we will explain some basic features. So let’s get to know the features of Instagram.

Instagram Features

  • Status of Viewing Story
  • Read Tick
  • Typing Status
  • Watch Stories, Videos, IGTV.
  • Translate the caption.
  • Dark Mode.
  • Secured.
  • Free Bussiness account.
  • Follow & Unfollow.
  • Image Editing.
  • GPS Location.
  • Group Communication.
  • Private chatting.
  • Video Calling.

So we told what features of Instagram. so let’s move on to the next topic. We will further learn whether it is safe to use Instagram. So let’s know. 

Instagram Safe Or Not

Of course, we can say that Instagram is safe to use. Instagram has a lot of secure security, no one can easily hack it. That is why you can use it in your device without any doubt.

There are very few chances of data being hacked. So we can say that you can use it. We do not refer that you use Unofficial software from somewhere else, which runs the risk of your data being stolen.

So we will tell you that you should install it from the official site or Google Play store. We will tell you how you can install Instagram on your mobile. so let’s start.

How to Install Instagram APP

In this paragraph, we will describe how to install Instagram on your PC or mobile. so first, we will tell about for mobile device then tell about PCs. so let’s start.

How to Install Instagram in mobile

First, you have to go google play store. if you have an IOS device then you go apple app store. and find Instagram by typing in the search box.

  • First You need to check that, Unknown sources settings are switch on or off. if the switch on then clicks on the install button. 
  • if switch off then you need to do. Go to Settings >> Security Section In the Security, Section find the unknown sources settings. Enable the Installing Unknown Sources setting.
  • Now You need to go app store and find Instagram and then click on the install button. open your Instagram after installing it. setup your account as we mentioned above.
  • Ready To use and enjoy it.

How to Install Instagram in PC

  • There are only two ways of installing Instagram in your pc. the first way is you have to install it from the official Microsoft website. another one is you have to install it from the Microsoft app store.
  • So it is your choice. if you download from the website then you have to double click on the setup file. start the setup for Instagram. just click on I agree with the button and click on install and setup as your needs.
  • if you want to from Microsoft store then you have to search Instagram by typing in the search box. Click the Install button when you see Instagram software.
  • register your email address on Instagram after installing the Instagram. if you want to know how you can do this just scroll up and see how to use the Instagram section. you will find the answer.


In this article, we gave all the important information about Instagram. We explained what is Instagram and how it is used. We also told the history of Instagram who created it. We have given a lot more information about Instagram, you can read in this article. So that’s it for today, we will share new information with the new article.

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