What Is Instagram Direct – How to use It [Direct Web]

what is instagram direct, how to use instagram direct

Instagram Direct lets you send Private Messages to one or more people.

Here you can also send

  • Video Chat
  • Text Message
  • Audio Message
  • Photo or video from your Gallery
  • Gif after searching from GIPHY
  • Message to the customer for the quick reply
  • Heart for like

Here we will try to understand

            1. What is Instagram Direct
            2. What is Instagram Direct App
            3. What is Instagram Direct Web
            4. What is Instagram Direct Online
            5. Why Instagram Direct Message Login is required
            6. How to use Instagram Direct

1. What is Instagram Direct

It is a private messaging feature that lets you send messages to one or more people. You can send not only Photos or videos taken.

Take Photos or upload
Take Videos or upload 
Posts are seen in Feed

Before December 2013, there was not a private messaging feature on this platform. Instagram is a safe social media platform that pays a lot of attention to users privacy. Instagram is a social network that does not back up your messages or store them for you. Its Instagram Direct feature makes the Instagram more safe and reliable social platform.

Know More About Instagram Direct

  • It is a built-in messenger that was launched in December 2013.
  • It is used for sending private messages to any of your beloved ones.
  • No one can read or see your messages sent to anyone.
  • Your messages sent privately will be hidden by your Instagram followers.
  • The sent messages can be seen only by you and the person you have sent the message.
  • Any sent or received messages are relayed by the network and they are not stored on servers.
  • Photos and videos you shared by Instagram Direct can’t be shared on Facebook and Twitter.
  • They will not appear on location pages and hashtag.
  • If you want to save Instagram Direct messages, so you can save them by going to Account Settings.

2. What is Instagram Direct App

Instagram is going to close its Instagram Direct App and all the conversations will be automatically transferred to the Direct tab within the Instagram App.

3. What is Instagram Direct Web: Feature for desktop browsers

Instagram has finally brought out messages to the Web. You can also see and enjoy messages on Instagram Web through Instagram’s DM service on your PC. Management of Instagram DMs via Web browser works as same as on the mobile app. On Instagram Direct Website, you can start to chat with someone or a group created by you.

We know that Instagram is designed mainly to be used on a mobile app. But Instagram Direct Web also allows you to view all the public profiles throughout the world without Instagram Direct Message Login. You are not required to have an account on Instagram. This Instagram Direct Web provides an interface similar to the mobile app.

This feature is globally and for every user where they are in any place in the world. Instagram Direct Web has brought the idea to keep connected yourself with the people you care about.

4. What is Instagram Direct Online

Within Instagram Direct, users can make face-to-face conversation held over the Internet. This, Video Chat carried out by using webcam and software.
Now users can send Instagram Direct messages on the desktop from anywhere in the world. This feature has made available globally for every user.

5. Why Instagram Direct Message Login is required

To stay connected with Instagram and for a conversation with friends & family, you have required an Instagram Direct Message Login.
Know what your friends and family members are sharing around the world.

6. How to use Instagram Direct

Using Instagram Direct for mobile is the same as using for desktop or PC.
You can use this feature for sending Private Messages of two types:

what is instagram direct

      1. For Direct Video Chat
      2. For Direct Text Message

For this:-
–  Open the Instagram app, If you’re already logged into Instagram.
–  If you have not to account, you are required Instagram Direct Message Login
Follow these steps

  • Tap on Instagram Direct icon (it is like a paper aeroplane) that is the upper-right corner of your home screen.
    (Red dot on aeroplane represents the number of messages is waiting for you.)
  • Or swipe left from anywhere in Feed
  • Tap this aeroplane icon, Now you will get a new screen opened with two Chat Icons
      • Video Chat
      • A pencil in the square

For Direct Video Chat

Instagram Direct Web helps Instagram direct app users to stay connected with their friends through Instagram direct online.

what is instagram

  • Tap on Video Chat icon, a new video chat screen will open with two icons.
    Here are :
  • A video icon in the green sphere for creating a room so that anyone who has not Instagram or Messenger can join.
  • Invite for Video Chat with a search bar
    (Now you can send a link to chat with anyone they are not in following and followers list).
  • You can search or select from the following list below to Invite to video chat
  • Tap a username or group name to open the conversation.
    (You will see a feature appears on the upper-right corner named Start).
  • To open the conversation, tap the button Start.
    (The person or group you call will receive a notification.)
  • A new screen opens for connecting chat
  • Then you can chat one or more users
  • You can also start a new conversation by tapping the + icon in the top right and selecting people.

For Direct Text Message

If you want to start your conversation with a text message, Instagram makes it easy for you. Follow these steps:

  • Open Instagram if you already logged in You will get a new screen opened, below
  • Tap on aeroplane icon upper-right corner A new window will open with two icons

What is instagram direct , instagram chat

Here are:-

  • Video icon
  • Edit icon ( pencil in a square)
  • A list of followers and following having a camera icon (no colour)
  • Green camera icon at the middle bottom
  • Now you are to tap the pencil in the square, to start a text message A new screen for new message opens like below

Here are two options to select the person for chatting.

  • Now you can either search or select the person you want to chat
  • After searching the person, the desired person will emerge with + icon
  • Tap on + icon, a button named Chat will emerge at the upper-right corner
  • Tap this Chat icon, a new window will get opened with a green camera icon at the bottom
  • Click and type the text message in this bar
  • A new screen opens with a new button named Send will appear behind the typed message
  • Tap on Send button, your message will dispatch to the desired user.
  • Here you can send the same message for more than one person by selecting through the search bar. 
  • If you want more information about Instagram Direct. then you can visit the official Instagram page.

Last words

I have described above what is Instagram Direct and how to use Instagram direct. I have also described Instagram Direct Web and why Instagram Direct Message Login is not required for it. You can send messages by direct video chat and text messages. Stay connected with Instagram Direct online through Chat (conversation) with friends.

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