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What is imo Messenger- Video Calls & Chat | imo for PC

IMO Messenger

Instant messaging has become a popular trend in this era. No one is ready to call or meet each other. They feel satisfied by sending messages. Today We will tell to you what is IMO and features of IMO. Also, we will tell you how to download IMO for PC. so let’s start.

IMO App Details

App Nameimo App
Size(IOS/Android)143 MB/ 19 MB
Official Websitehttps://imo.im/
Available forIOS, Android, Windows, Mac
Developer(s)imo, Inc.
Author(s)Ralph Harik

Do You Know

  • As mobile technology progressed, we have come from an SMS message to instant messaging. There are many messaging apps available in the market. Whatsapp is also one of them. Whatsapp video calls are famous but they can not send an instant message.
  • It sends 5 messages at a time. Imo is the first instant messaging app using by millions of smartphone users. There are many strong competitors such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook against IMO messenger.
  • Yet, it is standing against them as an instant messaging app. It is the right time to add your smartphone with new technology by this IMO App.
  • You can download from the app store & from the official website of the imo app. and get available to you all the recent features important for the instant messaging app. so let’s start to know about what is IMO. 

What is IMO?

IMO Messenger is a free video calling, messaging, and chat app for devices. It allows users to share or exchange information using data or wi-fi connection. It’s also available for android, IOS, and Windows users. 
  1. It is compatible with all networks and works even the signal under a bad network. 
  2. You can send voice or text messages unlimited.
  3. After allowing, you can sync your phone’s contacts with this IMO app.
  4. You can call and message to IMO users in your contact list free.
  5. I hope you learned what is IMO. so let’s move to the next topic.

Features of IMO Messenger

Chatting in Group

IMO App has brought the features of Group Chat with Instant Messaging as IMO App brings. The new facilities are added to this version:-
  • You will be able to add many contacts as you want to chat.
  • You will be able to administer the group easily.
  • You will be able to set administrator privileges.
  • You will be able to manage the group efficiently by a ton of options available in this version.
  • This version has made the contacts easier to add, block, and remove from the chatting list.

Messaging Instantly

  1. You can chat with your friends on the IMO App latest version just like you can on WhatsApp.
  2. You can type text messages and send them to your friends on the IMO app.
  3. You can keep continuously chatting on the device.
  4. Here is not any fall behind in relating to instant messaging.
  5. Download the latest version of IMO APP, supports text and audio messages in all of the formats.

Sharing on Media

You can share not only photos and videos but also documents, contacts, and any file formats by this latest version.
There is a limit to the size and there is a limit to sending videos and photos, you cannot send a lot of images simultaneously.

Calling through Video

Video calling is one of the most important features of the latest IMO APP. You can get rid of the crappy video quality of WhatsApp calls as it provides clear and crisp video calls. Include yourself in millions of active users who are using and enjoying high-quality video calling experience.

End-to-End encryption +100% Free

  • This end-to-end encryption keeps you safe from outside threats with protecting your privacy.
  • The IMO App is 100% secured by end-to-end encryption.
  • It stops data theft of messages and chats by the 256-bit encryption.
  • No one can steal your important data and listen to your personal chats either Government or Agency.
  • So Then you use it in a relaxed way.

How to download Imo App

First of all open Android ‘Settings’
> And then go to ‘Security Settings’
> Then to enable the option of ‘Unknown Sources’
> Now You can download Imo from the app store(apple store/google play store).
> After then tap on the IMO app for installing.
> Click to Open.
> Ready To use it.
>Now start Video Chat with Peoples.

IMO for PC

In this paragraph, we will tell you how you can download IMO for PC. It is very easy, just follow some easy steps which are given below.

  • first, Go to Microsoft store.
  • type IMO in search Box.
  • Click on the IMO icon after searching.
  • Install the IMO for PC.
  • Click to Open and Register with your Phone number.
  • Now Ready to use it.


You can download IMO App from Google Play Store or Apple store but if you want to download IMO for PC then You need to download from Microsoft store. In this article, We described what is IMO and how to download imo for PC and mobile users. Use and share with your friends to take advantage of App Messenger. 

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