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Hello friends, today I will give information about youtube vanced. many peoples know about youtube vanced. but today I give a trick that can help you to play youtube vanced for PC. so without wasting time. let’s start. first, I am giving you basic details about youtube vanced.

What is Youtube Vanced?

Youtube vanced is modded version of original youtube. that can provide users to watch videos in the background without ads with advanced settings free of cost. it is working same as youtube premium. youtube take charges of its premium membership but Youtube Vanced is totally free of cost there is no cost of any setting.

Youtube Vanced Advanced Settings/Youtube Vanced features

As you know what are the features in normal YouTube and how it works. But now I will give you information about all the features of YouTube Vanced. Compared to normal YouTube, YouTube Vanced has a lot of useful features. so let’s see.

  • Block All ads from videos(while watching or playing).
  • Picture-in-Picture mode(PIP).
  • Many Themes available(Color Combination).
  • Background Play(Playback Settings).
  • Ad Settings(Experimental).
  • VP9 Codec(Codec Override).
  • Video Quality Settings(for Watching).
  • HDR Full Brightness.
  • ExoPlayer(additional Player).
  • Auto Repeat(Even Background).
  • Pinch To Zoom(While Watching).
  • Casting Toggable(can be forced off).
  • Override Maximal Resolution.
  • Preferred Speed & Resolution.

How To Install Youtube Vanced for PC

Friends, although YouTube Vanced is available on many websites, it is not right. Because I downloaded it from every website and used it, but not all of the software worked properly. YouTube Vanced has not released any official software for PC and has not announced. So I would suggest you to keep a distance from the PC Software(Youtube Vanced software) which is available in many other websites. So that your data is safe. But I will tell you the way through which you can install the software of youtube vanced officially on your PC. 

  • First You have to write youtube Vanced in google search box and search.
  • Go to the official website of Youtube Vanced.
  • Download the Youtube Vanced Apk and MicroG Apk(for sign-in To mail accounts).
  • After then Go to the Bluestacks Then download the Bluestacks in your PC.
  • Install the Bluestacks in Your PC.
  • Put the Youtube Vanced Apk and MicroG apk in Bluestack Directory or Direct Install(By Double Tap).
  • First Install Youtube Vanced App and then MicroG.
  • Sign in by using your Mail Account in Youtube Vanced.
  • Go to Advanced settings of Youtube Vanced and setup as you like or need.
  • Now you can use Youtube Vanced for PC.
  • Enjoy.


I have described Youtube Vanced. How to Install Youtube Vanced for PC and also describe Youtube Vanced advanced settings & Features. if have any query about this method then you can ask by commenting. if you already using this then let me know about your experience with Youtube Vanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Is there youtube vanced for PC?

Ans. Officially, there is no YouTube Vanced for PC, but you can use YouTube Vanced on your PC using BlueStack.

– Is Youtube Vanced legal?

Ans. Use of YouTube Vanced is legal, it is YouTube Unofficial app with advance features, you can use it personally. It has been made keeping in mind the law of every country. So you can use it without hesitation.

– Can I get Youtube Premium for free?

Ans. Yes, you can take YouTube Premium Membership for free but only for one month. If you use Flipkart(for buy Products), you can also get free premium membership by using the coin. Or you can use YouTube Premium Alternative YouTube Vanced.

– What does Youtube Vanced do?

Ans. YouTube Vanced provides us with a platform where you can watch your videos in the background as well as use pip mode & Extra themes. Provides many similar & advance features just like YouTube Premium.

– Is Youtube Vanced Safe Or not?

Ans. YouTube Vanced is a safe app, if you install it from the official website. It is quite secure but not as official YouTube but your data will always be safe.

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