Telegram: One-To-One Super Secured Video Calling Options for Android and iOS

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The whole world is going through a terrible epidemic of corona virus these days. Due to starting of coronavirus lockdowns, there is a rising demand for highly super secured video calling options. So Telegram, understanding the feelings of the whole world, has just launched One-To-One Super Secured Video Calling Options for Android and iOS users.

This decision is also taken after a lot of waiting and going after most of the contestants. The launching came in the middle of flooding of Video calling applications by other apps. After a lot of waiting and going after most of the contestants, Telegram has finally bought one of the star features for its users.

This video calls finally has arrived in the alpha phase. If you update it by the latest version, then you can find it available on Android and iOS. Now, Telegram is celebrating its 7th anniversary. At this anniversary, Telegram has brought a gift for its users in the form of video calling feature in all its desktop and mobile apps.

It is released for the alpha version of its one-to-one video calls for iOS and Android devices. This feature will be available to users through the v7.0 beta version. Users can download the latest beta version from Telegram’s app centre.

The company wrote in its blog. “We’ve heard you as well, and will continue to develop features that make Telegram much more than just a messaging app. Today we’re adding the one you’ve been asking for – fast and secure video calls.?”

By this video calling feature, users will be able to make a fast and secure video call. They are currently working on group video calls.

What is Telegram?

Telegram, a cloud-based application that prioritizes security and speed which make it a good option to other popular messaging apps. Both Telegram and WhatsApp have a diverging stance on users’ privacy and data. Now Telegram has gained its position itself as the best alternative to WhatsApp.

Both Telegram and WhatsApp have a different attitude to users’ privacy and data. If privacy is related to users wish avoiding mainstream, then Telegram will be the best choice.

What is the Video Calling Feature?

A call performed using video to transmit a live picture of the person with an Internet connection. Sometimes, video calls called VoIPs that are made by using a computer’s webcam or other electronic devices having a video-capable camera.

Features of Telegram one-to-one Video Calling

Giving details about voice calling functionality, Android Police says,” beta version offers options to flip between front and rear cams, turn off the video, mute, and hang up. Tapping the window in the bottom right switches between the two participants.”

  • Like all other video content on Telegram, video calls support picture-in-picture mode,
  • All video calls in Telegram are being end-to-end encrypted.

The call will be encrypted if both sides of users have four emoji on-screen provided by the app Apart from this, there are more animated emoji added in Telegram, having options for commonly used emoji. You can type any of these emoji in chat, you will get a larger animated version appeared instead.

Ahead of time, Telegram launched an important update, in which 2 GB file can be shared unlimitedly Another important update was adding Profile Videos with People Nearby features.

How to use Telegram’s Video Calling Feature

Starting a video call on Telegram is very easy, it can be made only by accessing the contacts touching the enabled icon. These Telegram video calls accept the picture-in-picture mode to keep browsing when chatting to desired contacts.

  • Anyone who is in your contacts list can use this Video Calling Feature.
  • Any contactee who has installed v7.0 can talk to each other on video.
  • There are available buttons on the screen to mute, to flip and to cut the call.
  • Like some other popular apps, you can make your contact’s picture short by tapping on the right-hand side frame.
  • The picture in picture mode is also available in this feature.
  • For this, Click on the back arrow at the top left when you are already in a call.
  • Then, there will pop up a permission tab for taking permission. After allowing, the PIP mode is ready for video calling.


Telegram wrote:- “Video calls will receive more features and improvements in future versions, as we work toward launching group video calls in the coming months. But for this midyear milestone, you can now enjoy a little one-on-one time with those closest to you, whether they’re in the other room or on another continent.” It’s just one-to-one for now, but group calling is due to launch “in the coming months,” Telegram said in a blog.

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