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Roki game, Röki game

Hello friends, I will keep you providing upcoming video games before releasing them. Today I am going to provide all you need to know about Roki video game. Röki is a dark contemporary fairy tale inspired by Scandinavian folklore.

This is not an only an adventure video game but it also will give you a chance to solve puzzles and mysteries of Nordic folklore. Roki release date is scheduled on Steam on July 23rd.

Details of Röki

Name of Game Röki
Release Date July 23, 2020 (PC)
Genre  Adventure, Indie
Platforms PC, Nintendo Switch
Developer Polygon Treehouse
Publisher United Label, CI Games

More details about Roki

  • Röki is a point-and-click adventure game about a young girl, Tove.
  • Roki is based on the inspiration of Scandinavian folklore.
  • Locations and Characters are taken from classic fairy tales.
  • In this game, every dark fairy tale has its monster and every tale attributed by the mysteriously fascinating art style, a sympathetic narrative style, ancient puzzles and atmospheric exploration.
  • Roki is a cinematic side-scrolling adventure game inspired by Scandinavian folklore as a part of the Guerrilla Collective stream.

What’s new in Roki

  • Where Tove, a young girl who has magical powers, explores a large uncharted world by:
      • fighting with monsters
      • looking for secrets and solving ancient puzzles.
  • Where you will keep yourself busy with unforgiven frozen wilderness and monsters that don’t exist.
  • Involve yourself to save her family in Röki, Tove is on a big adventure to save her family.
  • Tove carries her journey to the deep into a hidden, long-forgotten world of folklore. Her word is filled with strange creatures and locations.
  • In this modern adventure game, you will save the family by solving the mysteries of the ancient wilderness.

Recent quotes and announcements about Roki says

  1. Edge – “Röki has a power all of its own.”
  2. Gamers Pack – “Röki is one of the most impressive games I played at Gamescom 2019.”
  3. Games Radar – “It may look sweet, but there’s something hiding just below the surface that’s giving me chills.”
  4. Eurogamer – “Scandi fantasy adventure Röki looks quietly brilliant.”
  5. The marketing says – “Every dark fairytale has its monster.”

In this new upcoming game, you will be able to join Tove on her journey to save her family.

(A). Search a Living Fairy Tale of Forest

Explore an attractive word that is snowy and made of riched Nordic folklore.
This world filled with detail has been brought to life by Roki’s signature graphical style.

(B). Make Friends with Monsters

Look for magical and ancient creatures of the Scandinavian wilderness to make them friends. Some of them are friendly and some are not.
Roki is a rich artist of unique characters that are creepy-but-cute.
Discover you’re own expressive
traditions of Nordic folklore.

(C). Search for Long Forgotten Items

Many mysteries are hidden in the ancient wilderness (forests).
Search out long Forgotten items to help you on your adventure.

(D). Solve puzzles and unlock the next path forward

Roki is a game of mind not muscle and it is played by brainpower.
You will be able not only unlock ancient pathways but solve mysteries of the ancients.

(E). Chart your Journey

Tove shows her forward movement in her reliable ambitious diary.
She not only collects loot but also earns unique explorer badges.
She studies rich Scandinavian folklore carefully mapping with uncharted regions.

(G). An Adventure for All

It is a non-violent game, it can be controlled easily, it has universal themes.
This game is designed for all gamers that present not only a challenge but also help adventurers when they need it.
This game is based on a modern adventure game style.

Accessibility of Roki Game

You can access this game easily, this game supports accessibility in these ways:-

  1. You can modify music and interactive audio volume individually.
  2. You will not face any type of difficulty in Settings.
  3. As there are available assistance to help you in the form of Oracle messages and Tove’s journal.
  4. Although the subtitles are given in good size, you can still adjust them for reading. Subtitles are also displayed with a hard background.
  5. You can adjust speed to drag items.
  6. To avoid holding buttons to drag items, select “Sticky Item Drag “for your convenience.
  7. There are available different types of keyboard control configurations.
  8. To flash interactive elements on the screen, you have to press the button. You can also disable rumble. Important items pop-up visually when close.
  9. When closing, then important items pop-up visually
  10. You can adjust speed to drag items.
  11. You can adjust speed to drag items.
  12. There are available “Sticky Item Drag” to get rid of holding buttons for your convenience.
  13. There is an available facility for Interactive elements flash when you press the button.

Last Word

I have described above a family video game named Roki that is story rich and played mostly by single one character. This game is a non-violent adventure having universal themes and accessible controls. This Fantasy game is the female protagonist having a wide range of family players of different abilities and ages.

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