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Play Android Games on PC with Dual Boot Phoenix OS

Play Android Games on PC with Dual Boot Phoenix OS

Much better then Tencent Gaming, as it runs Pubg in PC with very little RAM as compare to Tencent Gaming Buddy.Phoenix OS is an Android TM-based, downloadable, smartphone, laptop and mobile operating system that can run on.

This is an “enhanced” edition of Android TM, aimed at bringing the common “Start Menu” and “Task Bar” functionality to Windows. On a dual boot pc (Android + window), you can install Phoenix.Phoenix OS Hardware Requirements:

  • 2GB storage drive
  • Intel or AMD processors around 2012 or later, preferably an Intel Atom processor
  • 8 GB or larger USB (for Phoenix OS)
  • 512MB or larger USB (for GParted)
METHOD: Best method and Recommended by me if u want to install both Window 7,10 ext with this Phoenix OS window without disturbing the C Drive .It is easy and simple as installing a Softwares in your window.
  1. Download phoenix os installer.
  2. Double-click the downloaded Phoenix EXE installer file and click the Install button in the window that offers to choose the installation type.
  3. You will have a partition, you can choose any partition from your hard disk drive. It should have enough free space to keep the data size that you will choose later (4 GB to 32 GB). Press to continue.
  4. Choose a data size for Phoenix OS. You can choose 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB data sizes. Big data size means you can install more apps, but will take longer to install. Click the install button to continue.
  5. After the installation is finished, you will see a congratulatory window in which you can click the reboot button to restart your PC. You can then choose Phoenix OS on the boot menu to enjoy Phoenix Android in your Windows PC.

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