Parallel Space App- Multiple Accounts & App Cloner

Parallel Space App

Hello friends, I hope you are well today we will tell you about an app using which you can create multiple accounts in the same dual apps. As you must have understood by reading the title, today we are going to talk about Parallel Space App Cloner. Parallel Space is an App cloner. Do you want to use Dual Apps Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and other apps? So we provide the best solution for you. So let’s move on to our topic.

What Is App Cloner?

App Cloner is a service that is used to do the same copy of apps. Using this service, you can run dual apps on the same mobile. There are a lot of apps available in app stores that provide app cloner service. Today we will share with you information about one of those popular apps. 

Parallel Space App Details

App NameParallel Space
Size9.9 MB
Official Website
Developed ByLBE Tech
Installation100M +

What is Parallel Space App?

Parallel Space is Platform which is provided to make dual space in your mobile device. You can install dual apps at the same time. You can install it from Google play store and clone your dream apps for getting happy. many peoples trying to log in multiples accounts in apps at the same time.

they can’t do that because they don’t have a Parallel Space App. It has two versions one is free and another one is the Parallel space pro version. So let’s know about its features.

Features Of Parallel Space

  • Less Size of App.
  • Clone Social Apps.
  • Play Games with Double Accounts.
  • Multiple Accounts at the Same Time.
  • Many Themes Available.
  • Customization Available.
  • 100% Secure.
  • Password Protect.
  • App Boster.
  • Ad-Free.

How  to use Parallel Space

  1. Parallel Space App cloner is a very simple app. You can easily use this app. first, you have to install a Parallel space app in your android.
  2. select app from listed installed apps. after then click to cloning. after cloning, you get dual apps.
  3. You can create a clone of any app and can use multiple accounts. it has two versions. it depends on you that which plan you like.
  4. This App occupies storage only 9 MB. because it has a lite version of Parallel Space. There is general permission required in Parallel Space. but they never gather your personal data.
  5. The Parallel Space app consumes memory, network, and battery which depends on your cloned apps.
  6. There are many themes available in Parallel Space Pro. so you can easily use it. and then you can also customize it.
  7. Parallel space pro is an ads-free version. you can purchase from the app.
  8.  You Can Access Multiples accounts with your cloned apps. there are millions of peoples used this app.
  9. So you can easily install the Parallel Space app from google play store for Android and let’s take multi enjoyment from this app.

How To install Parallel Space App 

  • First, you have to check these settings.
  • Check Your Unknown Sources Settings.
  • if switch off, So You need To Turn On and Find In.
  • Settings -Security Section. After then switch ON.
  • Install Parallel Space from google play store.
  • After Installing, So Click On Open.
  • Free To use and Enjoy.


We described information about the Parallel Space app. There are many peoples using App Cloner .for multi-experience and I have also used the Parallel Space app for cloning Whatsapp. my opinion is you need to use this app to make multiple accounts. if your mobile does not have cloning settings so you should use it.
in mobile cloning, settings did not the same as this app because this app provides more useful settings for cloning. We will meet in the next article with new information.

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