Nova Launcher Prime Apk+ [TUP] Do You Know Everything?

nova launcher prime apk

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Today We will learn about the Nova launcher that what is nova launcher and what is Nova Launcher Prime apk. We will also tell you what is the features of Nova Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime apk. Also, describe Nova Launcher features and how it works. let’s start to know about Nova Launcher. We have mentioned all the necessary information about the nova launcher App. So you can easily find out what do you want. fist, we need to know what is Launcher.

What is  Launcher?

The launcher is the platform, which provides the user interface to the user. Users can customize the all primary interface to a new interface while using the launcher. many mobile apps companies provide launchers to install in android. that can change the graphical user interface of android.

So we brought to you that a Nova Launcher App. Which you can use and give a new look to your mobile. So let’s start to Know about Nova Launcher. first, we need to know what is Nova Launcher. so let’s start.

What is Nova Launcher?

Nova launcher App is a popular powerful tool for android. which is provided to customize your default themes layouts and skins. Download unlimited themes and make a more good looking interface of your android. You can customize your default user interface. 

There are two versions of Nova Launcher available in android. the first one is free nova launcher and the second is the Nova launcher Prime app. in the Nova Launcher Prime apk has advanced features from the normal Nova Launcher App. we will describe it in detail. So let’s start to know the features of Nova Launcher.

Features of Nova Launcher App

  • Nova Launcher App
  • Night Mode.
  • Themes Available.
  • App Drawer.
  • Page Effects.
  • Backup & Restore.
  • Grid Styles.

Size7.8 MB

Cost Free

  • Nova Launcher Prime Apk
  • Gestures.
  • Hide Apps.
  • Customize Icons.
  • Scrolling Effects.
  • Create Groups.
  • Premium Themes.
  • Unread Counts[TUP].

Size 87 kb

Cost 99 inr.

You Need To Know – Nova Launcher App

Safe & Secure

Nova Launcher app is very safe and secure. it’s not collect our personal information. it’s collected only normal information which is not publicly shown to others. you can feel free mind to install on your mobile. it’s not getting any problems. it’s very fast and secure.

Nova Launcher Prime apk is the only advanced app of Nova Launcher. but it’s all security not less from the normal version of the Nova Launcher app .it’s totally safe & secure as the normal version.

Backup & Restore

All your work on Nova Launcher Apk can backup at once click. and also you can restore at one click. all your data will be safe after install nova launcher app in your android. So if you have any doubt or questions about Nova Launcher then you can ask by commenting below.

Gestures & Customizing

There are many Gestures and Scrolling Effect available in Nova Launcher App. Now I am mentioning some gestures below.

  • Swipe
  • Pinch
  • Double-tap
  • More Available.

Many more gestures are available in Nova Launcher apk. You can choose as you like and make more interesting your mobile. You can also customize your theme and use more swipe gestures and Drawer settings. All the exclusive features are availed you to if you will use Nova Launcher prime apk in your android.

Night Mode & Exclusive Themes

In this Nova Launcher Prime Apk, Night Mode exists. You can set your user interface light to Dark mode (Night Mode). There are many premium themes available in the Nova launcher prime apk. You can download themes as your choice from the nova launcher app use it and enjoy it. 🙂

That’s all about it. if anyone wants to install this app. so there are only two ways. you can install it from the Nova Launcher official website and also from google play store. Enjoy all premium features of Nova Launcher prime apk.

The Unread Counts feature we have just talked about, we are describing below. What is Tesla and how does it work. So let’s start.

What Is Tesla Unread Plugin?

Tesla Unread is a social media tool that provides an unread message in badges for Nova Launcher. Just Like Facebook messages, Instagram messages, twitter messages, WhatsApp messages, and More.

How does It work?

When you installed Tesla Unread Plugin then you have to set up in TUP. just open the Tesla Unread Plugin [TUP]. you can see the list of all social media apps. you have to select each app which you like to see unread badges.  then apply it. and Ready to use it. tesla unread plugin only available in the Nova Launcher Prime version.

Is Nova Launcher Safe

In Short Word, Yes. Nova Launcher is safe. Many Launchers are safe because they only used for the design of mobile phones. it does not take your personal data. so don’t hesitate to use this app. if you have any issue while using the Nova Launcher app so you can comment below. we will fix it soon.

Does nova launcher drain battery

The Nova Launcher consumes the same battery as the Default mobile launcher. There is no difference in either(in battery consuming). But when you start using additional features of this launcher, then the battery consumption is very high. Like if you start using the effects or Gestures or TUP then a lot of battery will be consumed. So it depends on how much you use. You can visit To Know about Computer Wizards Brisbane.

Note:- We do not encourage the use of the Unofficial App. You stay away from such things. Your personal data is prone to theft by such things.

Last Words…

In this entire article, we have given all information about Nova Launcher. What is nova launcher and how is it used. We also explained what its features are and how much it costs. So if you want, you can use it, it is available on Google Play Store. Carefully read the information given and then use it. If there is any problem in using it, then you can comment below. So that’s it for today, now we will meet in the next article. 🙂

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