KingRoot Apk Download+ Working 100% [Without Or With PC]


Nowadays, millions of people use Android smartphones. Smartphones are coming with FRP Bypass APK. This Android Package Kit secured your data from theft. Now You can easily root your android by KingRoot Apk. so today’s we will give details of KingRoot apk. 
We will tell you what is kingRoot actually. and How to Root Android Phones. We will also tell you about FRP. And with this how can you download Kingroot, we will also tell. so let’s start.

KingRoot Details

Software NameKingRoot
Size (Android/PC)11.0 MB/30.0 MB
Official Website
Release Date6 JUN 2019

Why Root Android phone

Also, most of the smartphones are coming with unwanted software, bloatware, (games of questionable value, and unnecessary toolbars) installed by the manufacturers. The preinstalled unnecessary software that is not removable because they are installed by the smartphone manufacturer. You can easily remove system software in rooted mobile phones.

What is KingRoot?

KingRoot is a software used to root mobile phones. Two versions are available in Kingroot. You can use the mobile as well as computer. so let’s move to the next topic. so our next topic is FRP. We will tell you what is FRP. so let’s start.

FRP(Factory Reset Protection)

It is a type of lock which means Factory Reset Protection. It a new security feature on android phones.
After the factory data reset, you can not log in without the same Google username and password you set up previously on it.

What is FRP Bypass APK?

The most popular security feature comes in Android phones. This feature protects our device from someone who tries to remove the password on the phone. This APK stops the login process if you have not the old Google account. 
This Apk is also known as the FRP bypass tool for bypassing Google factory reset protection. After the factory reset, it will be useful If you have forgotten your Google account password.

Benefits of Rooting

  1. It removes the bloatware installed by phone manufacturers.
  2. When you have lost your smartphone, the person who gets the smartphone tries factory reset to use it. 
  3. Without a Google ID or password, It will be impossible for him.
  4. It unlocks the bootloader for unlocking a ton of hidden features.
  5. It provides administrative access to the smartphone.

How To Root by Using KingRoot

  • After tapping the root button of the KingRoot app, it checks your device Android version and model.
  • These device details are shared with KingRootserver for looking for compatible root exploits of your device.
  • Your device server says this KingRoot app of which of exploit to use.
  • Then the suggested exploit is applied by the KingRoot app.
  • After applying the suggested exploit, your device gets rooted.
  • If You want more information then Click Below.

Benefits of  Latest Version KingRoot

  • Kingroot is one of the best one-click rooting apps for Android.
  • The latest version of Kingroot APK. it is capable of rooting any Android smartphone.
  • KingRoot is an easy application to use for rooting any Android device.
  • So, nowadays Android users are installing the Kingroot APK for rooting their Android smartphone with removing the bloatware.
  • This App saves from the tedious procedure of rooting.
  • You will not face any issues related to the rooting of your Android smartphone.
  • You are not required to use the computer for rooting your smartphone.

Features of KingRoot Apk

-: It Works Flawlessly:-

There are many Rooting App available in the market to root Android smartphones. Know, why this Rooting App be used:-

  1. This is a unique app for rooting all types of smartphones.
  2. You are not required to use the stock software to flash your smartphone for recovering the device as it will save your smartphone being bricked.
  3. The Kingroot APK for Android has a high success rate for almost all of the Android smartphones.
  4. It provides identification of the best root automatically for any smartphone.

-: Single-Click Rooting App:-

  1. So most of the users avoid the procedure of rooting the device. But the rooting of Kingroot Apk download for Android is simple and this is a one-click rooting app.
  2. It completes the process within a few seconds with one single click.
  3. It completes all of the necessary technical procedures in the background of Kingroot APP.

-: Highly Compatible to All Types of Smartphones:- 

  1. Many smartphones don’t support popular developers like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.
  2. But Kingroot APK is compatible with all types of Android smartphones running on Android 4.0 or Android Q.
  3. It also roots the device within a few seconds.

-: Rootable Without Computer:-

Here you need not the computer to root your smartphone by this Kingroot APK download with the latest version.
You are not required to use the computer for sending ADB commands to the smartphone to root the device manually.

-:100% Risk-Free & Safe:-

Rooting for any Android device is a risky procedure. It may face the loss of data or the hard bricked device. But here is an old version of Kingroot APK that is risk-free and simple. It is of high success rate and you should not hesitate to download it.

Kingroot For PC

Yes, you can download a kingroot for PC. There is only one way to download a kingroot for PC. first, You have to download a kingroot for PC. you can download from the kingroot official website.

There are many kingroot software available on many sites. but refer only, you should download from its official website. if you want How to Root android phones using PC. so you can click here and learn how to root an android phone.

How to download Kingroot APK

  • In first, you are to open Android Settings 
  • Now scroll down and come to Device Administration.
  • Enable the option of  “Unknown Sources”.
  • You can Download from Kingroot official website.
  • For installing the Apk, tap on the option of Install.
  • After installing it, you can use it.
  • Enjoy the App.

Should You Root or Not

In short No, We advise you not to root android phones. because of Your phone’s data increases the risk of theft. Your phone may be bricked. Viruses or malware may attack your mobile after rooting. so you should not root your mobile.


I have shared with you the information about KingRoot. 
if You want to unlock your mobile ultra features then you can download KingRoot apk for android. We described what is KingRoot and How to root android phones. we also described You should root or not. I hope you learned How to download a kingroot for PC and Android. so that’s enough for today. we will meet in the next article with new information.
We say last time again that you should not root. We do not recommend apps like KingRoot. Such apps can harm your mobile. so be careful. After it is your choice.

Note:- Backup All Data before rooting. must 70% battery Charge. It is a one-click rooting app and avoids the tedious way of rooting the device following technical commands. Not Confirmed that Work on all Mobiles.

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