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How To ROOT Android Phones

Hello friends, today I will tell you what is root? and how to root android phones?. And together I will also tell you whether to root or not. As you all know, what are the advantages and disadvantages of rooting?. If you don’t know, today we will also tell what is the benefit and what is the disadvantage. So without taking much time, I will give you all the information about rooting and let’s start. 🙂

What is Root?

After rooting the mobile, the user comes to full control over the mobile. Users can modify system settings and apps. Android system apps that are already installed in Android mobile phones can be removed by the User. You can install advanced apps (supports only rooted mobile) in mobile, which can not be put in the normal phones (unrooted mobile phones). It can increase the mobile’s efficiency and power. many apps available for one-click root android phones.

Should I Root My Phone or Not?

There are some advantages of rooting as well as disadvantages of both things, we cannot say that You should root android phone or you should not root your phone. Some disadvantages can damage your phone And some benefits will make your mobile powerful as compared to normal mobile phones. many apps available for one click root android phone.

We have written some important advantages and disadvantages below. So let’s understand its advantages and disadvantages deeply. By reading this, you will be able to easily decide whether you should Root the mobile or not. so let’s start. 🙂

Advantages of Rooting-


There are many apps for rooted devices .so that can do advanced things in mobile and that can increase the logical structure(ram, speed, settings) of mobile. those types of apps are only available for rooted devices .those are not work in unrooted mobiles.

Battery & Performance

There is an app for a rooted device so that you can increase your battery and performance. But there is a condition that you can only do one of these two, either you increase the battery or increase the performance. 🙄

Uninstall Useless Apps

Many system apps which already come in mobile can delete them which is useless. but the unrooted user can’t delete’s possible in rooted phones. Users can delete useless system apps from android.


You can customize your mobile by installing a custom ROM on your mobile. You can change all the icons and colors of your mobile. You can give your mobile a new look.

More Capable & Backup

You can increase mobile capability and it’s power. there are many apps available for the rooted device that can make a full backup of your mobile.

Disadvantages of Rooting-

Void Warranty 

Some mobile companies void your warranty when you root a mobile. When sending a mobile for repair, then your mobile will not be repaired through warranty.first you need to flash your mobile or install new fresh android ROM. then you can send mobile to repair it at the mobile service center.

Damaged / Bricking (while Rooting)

Your mobile may be damaged or mobile data can be lost(Corrupted)  while you are rooting. So we will tell you that you should make a backup of your data first then Root your mobile phone.


When your mobile is not rooted, then your mobile is more secure as compare to rooted mobile phones. if you root your mobile phone then many malware and hackers can break your mobile security.

System Updates

When you root the mobile then the system update in the mobile stops, you have to manually update the system. you have to download the latest update of ROM from a company website then manually upload it on the mobile phone.

So as you have seen, there are many advantages and disadvantages to rooting. So it depends on your choice whether you want to root or not, if you want to root your mobile phone, then we have given all the information that How to root android phones. So let’s move on to the next Topic. Next, we will talk about the best root apps for Rooting mobile phones. one click to root your mobile.

Best Root Apps

  • KingRoot:- 

Kingroot is a very popular app, you can easily root your mobile phone using it. A lot of people use it, it also has many features of mobile optimization and cache. It supports 70 to 80 percent of mobiles, it can root. Its users are the most in the whole world. if you want a kingroot for android So you can download from its website and it’s not available on google play store.

  • KingoRoot:-

KingoRoot is the one of the best rooting app. it’s available in both versions for PC and for Android. You can easily tap one click root your mobile phone by using your PC or’s completely free of cost. you don’t have to pay any charges for rooting your mobile. kingoRoot is not available in google play store .you have to download from its official site .it’s also provide a superuser app for rooted mobile.

  • OneClickRoot :-

it’s is the one another best rooting apps for android mobile. it’s very limited features for user and very less support android version. it doesn’t support the latest version of android. HTC mobiles are not supported for rooting in OneclickRoot software. it’s not available on google play store. you have to download it from its website. You can download from the OneclickRoot website and it’s not available for only windows version. you need to download in your pc and then one click root your android phone.

  • iRoot:-

iRoot is the easiest way to root your android device. You can easily understand its features. Root your mobile at one click. You Can Download from its website (iRoot website). battery booster available in iRoot. there are many features available in iRoot Rooting software to optimize your mobile phone. Windows and Android both versions available on the iRoot website. You can Root your mobile phones from a PC or Phone both methods work.

  • VRoot:-

vRoot is the best Root App. it’s developed by Mgyun in China. but it’s also available in English Version. There are both versions available on the website. You can install it on your mobile or PC.

it supports thousands of mobile. it’s also available in google play store. or you can download from own’s completely free of cost.

FramaRoot App is one the best Rooting app. it’s not available in play store. you have to download it from its website. it supports many devices. it’s not a clear list of supported devices. you have to first install on your mobile phone. then try it. one click root you’re mobile.

Those are the top popular best root apps. you can install in your PC or mobile phone for rooting your mobile phones. all have very exciting features in apps. So as we told you which apps are Best root apps. So you can use any app of your choice. So now we come to the important topic that How to root android Phones. 

there are two methods for rooting mobile phones. one is from the PC and the second one is from a mobile phone. So today we will know both ways that How to root android phones with PC and how to root android phones without PC. so let’s start. 🙂 

How to Root Android Phones

  • Root Android Phones with PC:-

  1. As we told you that which best root apps so you can choose one software for rooting your mobile.
  2. just Download the Software and click on it for install.
  3. Now Go to your mobile settings, and click on developer settings.
  4. if you did not found then go to about settings of your mobile. and 4-5 times tap on the build number section. then your developer settings automatically show in settings.
  5. Now you have to go developer settings find USB debugging setting.
  6. Switch on the USB Debugging setting. then Open Root software and then connect your mobile to PC.
  7. by USB cable. if you can see root software automatically detect your mobile. if it does not detect, it means you have to install ADB driver for your USB support.
  8. then you can see a root button in the software. so one click root button then the rooting process starts.
  9. it takes 2-5 minutes according to your mobile or PC performance. 

I cannot tell all the software because it is not possible. But in almost all software the same process for rooting. fully charge your mobile before the rooting process.

  • Root Android Phones Without PC:-

  1. Install the best root apps on your mobile. (from listed apps)
  2. first, you need to charge your mobile. (approx 75 %)
  3. Make Backup for all of the data.
  4. Now click to open the Root app.
  5. it will automatically detect your mobile name.
  6. one click Root button.
  7. to start the rooting process.
  8. it’s will take some time.
  9. reboot your mobile after rooting.
  10. then check your root status by super SU app.
  11. Now Ready to use. 🙂 

So You can easily install the best root apps from the given information above. it depends on your choice.


So, friends I told you everything that How to Root Android Phones, Best Root Apps, You should Root your android phone or not, advantages of rooting and disadvantages of rooting.  So read all these things carefully and understand after that decide that you should root your mobile phone or not or one click root button. Keep things in mind during the routing process as i told above. so if you have any doubts about the root, you can comment below or contact us. 😉 


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