How to enable a Jio Wi-Fi calling service on your device

How to enable “Jio Wi-Fi Calling Service” a new experience on your Android smartphone, iPhone

Jio claims that it enable Wi-Fi calling service is free for all customers, without any additional cost. However, to take advantage of it, you need to be on an active Jio tariff.

Jio Wi-Fi calling service has been launched to allow users to make and receive calls over Wi-Fi networks. The new development is intended to help users connect in case of signal issues. Jio is set to launch Wi-Fi calling service across India by 16 January.

It is designed to support voice (VoWiFi) and video calls over any Wi-Fi network. In addition, Telco claims that the service supports more than 150 handset models. Users with a supported network can basically switch between VoLTE and Wi-Fi networks to receive voice or video calling from any delay.

However, there is a need to activate Wi-Fi calling functionality on devices.

In this article, we elaborate on how you can enable Wi-Fi calling on your smartphone and take advantage of Jio Wi-Fi calling service. Jio claims that its Wi-Fi calling service is available at no additional cost.

This means that you do not need to buy a separate tariff or recharge plan to avail its benefits. However, you should be eligible for a new service with an active Jio tariff plan and Wi-Fi calling support on your number.

Jio has not provided any details about the circles where it is providing its Wi-Fi calling service. However, it noted in the press release that it announced the development as an All India. The service is also available for voice and video calls made while roaming.

Steps to enable Jio Wi-Fi calling on Android phone:-

To use Jio Wi-Fi calling on your device, you must first connect to an active Wi-Fi network. Jio has not restricted its service to any particular network, which means that you can use any Wi-Fi network available at your location to take advantage of Jio Wi-Fi calling. To avail the service, you have to follow the steps given below.

  1. Once You have connected your device to the Wi-Fi network, you need to go to the Settings menu and search for the Wi-Fi calling or Wi-Fi call option.
  2. You will need to enable that Wi-Fi calling option to make your phone helpful for the new service.
  3. Now, your Android smartphone will seamlessly switch between VoLTE and Wi-Fi networks during voice and video calls.

On some Android phones, especially those with a customer’s skin such as Xiaomi’s MIUI on top, it will be difficult to find a Wi-Fi calling option. However, you can find this by going to the SIM and network settings.

The dedicated Jio Wi-Fi calling webpage shows that the service is available on handsets from 11 different Android vendors, such as Coolpad, Google, Infinix, Itel, Lava, MobiStar, Motorola, Samsung, Tecno, Vivo, and Xiaomi. You are advised to check the list of compatible handsets to ensure that your device is eligible for the latest service.

Apart from Android smartphones, iPhone users can experience Jio Wi-Fi calling service. It is recommended to use the latest iOS version to get a seamless calling experience on a Wi-Fi network.

Steps to enable Jio Wi-Fi calling on an iPhone:-

To take advantage of Jio Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone, you need to connect to an active Wi-Fi network. You can select a Wi-Fi network by switching to Settings> Wi-Fi or Control Center.

  1. Once You iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, tap the phone and then choose the Wi-Fi calling option.
  2. Now you will get a screen from where you have to enable Wi-Fi calling on this iPhone option.
  3. Now, Jio will basically switch between VoLTE and Wi-Fi networks during voice and video calls.

Like Jio, Airtel has been offering Wi-Fi calling to its subscribers since last month. The operator initially introduced Wi-Fi calling in Delhi NCR, although it recently expanded its presence to customers in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Kolkata and in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

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