hotstar VIP Vs Premium [Disney+] | Which Is Best?

hotstar vip vs premium

hotstar Premium

Today we will tell you whether hotstar Vip is good for you or hotstar Premium. But before that, we will tell you what is hotstar and what are its features. We will compare between hotstar VIP vs Premium. so let’s start to know about hotstar. so let’s move to the first topic.

What Is hotstar?

hotstar is a streaming platform like Netflix and Prime Videos. There are many platforms available in the market, but hotstar is a very popular streaming platform in India.
Andro-mart provides complete information about hotstar premium version and hotstar VIP version. many peoples use this hotstar but hotstar have specific Premium services like Netflix and others. 

hotstar Details

Official Website
Owner Star India
Launched Date Feb. 2005
Subscriptions hotstar VIP and hotstar Premium

How to Buy a Subscription Plan?

  • hotstar has two plans available. One is hotstar Vip version and the other is hotstar premium version. Different features are available in both of them.
  • It’s your choice which one you want. If you want to buy a plan, then there are only two ways.
  • The first way is that you can buy from the official website of hotstar and second way, you can buy the software of hotstar by installing it in your device.
  • If you want to buy from the official website, then you must first register with your email. Then you can buy the hotstar premium and hotstar VIP plan according to your wish.
  • If you want, you can also Purchase from your software. First, you have to open your software, after that register with your email and fill the payment option.
  • Select the plan as per your wish and buy a hotstar premium plan or hotstar VIP plan.

Features of hotstar

  • Popular Shows.
  • T.V Channels.
  • Live Sports.
  • Update News.
  • Bollywood, Hollywood & other Movies.
  • Web series.
  • Many Languages Available.

hotstar VIP vs Premium

hotstar VIP Version hotstar Premium Version
Live Sports: Cricket, Premier League & Formula 1 Live Sports: Cricket, Premier League & Formula 1
Indian T.V shows Indian T.V shows
Official hotstar shows Official hotstar shows
Disney + Content Disney + Content
No access Hollywood movies and American Shows.
limited Content Unlimited Premium Content
Some ads appear  Ad-Free(mostly)

You see above hotstar VIP vs Premium. So you must have known what features you will get. hotstar is the most popular app.all peoples very well know about hotstar. There thousands of movies and live channels available on hotstar. You can easily watch it. 

Easy To know

  • Watch- You can watch Live streams of IPL live Match, live Football, live hockey, live Racing, live tennis, and more other popular sports.
  • You can also watch the Latest Movies of Bollywood, Hollywood and other industries.then if you want to download it so you were able to do this.
  • Stream news channels from Hotstar Premium and Hotstar VIP. There many popular news channels available here some examples of NDTV news, ABP News, Polimer News, Asianet, and Aaj Tak news.
  • hotstar also provides that you are able to download all movies, many Web series, and shows available in hotstar app.
  • Now hotstar Watch with exclusive GOT(Game of Thrones) series.

How To Install in Mobile

  • first, Check Unknown Sources Settings.
  • if it off then Go to settings after
  • then Go To security section.
  • So Find Unknown Sources setting.
  • Switch on the setting.
  • Go to the app store(Apple store & google play store).
  • Type the Name of Hotstar and Click to search.
  • Click on the Hostar and then install it.
  • After then open the hotstar and Watch Live Streaming.
  • Just Enjoy it.

Which Is better(hotstar VIP Vs Premium) 

  • You can see above that we have mentioned the features of hotstar Vip and Hostar Premium. There is not much difference between the premium and VIP versions of hotstar.
  • But the difference is quite large. It is that if you take a Hotstar premium plan, you get American shows and Hollywood contents.
  • But if you take a Hotstar VIP Plan, you do not get this content in it. If you are interested in American shows, you should buy a hotstar premium plan.
  • If your budget is low or you are not interested in American shows, then you should take a Hotstar Vip plan.
  • There is no more difference between Hotstar Vip and hotstar Premium plan, the main difference is that I have told you that comparison between hotstar VIP vs premium.
  • Then you must have understood which plan you should buy. So it depends on you which plan you have to buy. 


We have given a comparison between hostar Vip Vs Premium in this article. There is no need for a conclusion because you already know about hotstar. I hope you have read all the information carefully. so just multiply your happiness and watch popular live matches and Movies. Install it and then stream it with us. 

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