Griefhelm : Medieval Tactical Dueling Game for Multiplayer

Griefhelm Medieval Tactical Dueling Game for Multiplayer

If you like cinematic medieval fisticuffs in a multiplayer game, you will not have to wait too long to play it. This highly anticipated medieval tactical dueling game is coming via Steam to PC very soon with a planned release date of August 20, 2020.

This is a new dueling game, Griefhelm is being made by Johnny Dale Lonack, a solo developer. It is set in a deadly, violent medieval world. There is no indication on pricing quite yet. This Medieval Dueling Game Griefhelm is a Griefhelm’s fast-paced dueling action.

It is a new duelling game of 2D medieval sword fighting. Griefhelm is an award-winning tactical dueling game, with lethal medieval weaponry and stance-based combat.

(A). Much like Nidhogg

Griefhelm is a fast-paced dueling game like medieval Nidhogg, with stylized flat-shading and a 3-directional combat system. Here you will get fast-paced sword fighting that can be seen in Nidhogg and its sequel Nidhogg 2.

What is Nidhogg Game?

This game is a fast-paced two-player dueling game. In this game, two players sword fight in a side-scrolling environment. A new dueling game Griefhelm has 4 different levels: –

  • Single-player mode
  • Two-player mode
  • Local multiplayer mode
  • Online multiplayer mode

It is also like an enhanced version of a Bastard’s Tale game that focussed on tactical duels in a 2D setting. It also supports four players working together in local couch co-op.

(B). Lethal medieval weaponry

Become a master in white-knuckle combat using a wide arsenal of medieval weaponry. Earn the right to their weapons and armour by casting down your foes by the lethal medieval weaponry. Here are available a broad arsenal of lethal medieval weaponry to help you any way they can.

You can banish fear to hold the line for drawing your sword. By this weaponry you can become master of the following art:-

  • in sword fighting
  • jump into online matchmaking
  • battle it out in up-to 4-person local multiplayer with a tournament mode
  • navigate hand-crafted environments.

You will feel the thunder of an army in the stampede.

(C). Dynamic, Replayable challenging Campaign

Challenge a dynamic, replayable campaign and demand your eternal reward in Griefhelm.

  • Griefhelm is a dynamic, replayable campaign of fast-paced tactical duels that will try out the limits of your abilities on the battlefield.
  • It has a capacity of re-playability packing with white-knuckle and gut-wrenching.
  • It is the game of side-scrolling close-quarters combat with the full dynamic campaign.
  • This game contains a branching narrative that makes the game replayable.
  • Then You can play this game alone or in co-op.
  • You can share your best battlefield experiences as each campaign can be played co-op with a friend.
  • Every engagement begins a new dance to the death as warriors search for an opening. 

(D). Competitive Multiplayer Game

Prove you deserve to die your last death by playing against friends, strangers or bots in both local or online battles. With online matchmaking, you can battle with or against your friends.

  1. Maximum 4 players can battle it in local multiplayer to fight with or against friends.
  2. Attacks are either high, medium, or low, and defenders must respond in kind.
  3. You will keep your skills sharped in the battlefield by killer instincts.
  4. Griefhelm also has built-in tournament mode to devise local competitions for your friends and you.

Medieval Dueling Game’s component consists of four modes:-

      • nine maps
      • eight weapons
      • 11 armour sets
      • eight factions to choose from
      • Fight against enemies hard, roast your enemies, tear them apart, overcome enemies cleverly in this high-speed duels.

You can defend the gates of death in 4-player online or local multiplayer battles.
For every engagement, the warrior starts a new dance to the death in the form of search.
For claiming victory, become a master of the art of combat to overcome your enemies. if you fan of multiplayer Game then you can also play Call of Duty Warzone Mobile.

(E). Art of Griefhelm

The world of Griefhelm is brought to life by its visually striking art style. The art style of this new duelling game is Incredible. You can fight your way in foggy battlefields and fire-lit tent as there is some impressive lighting work for you.
According to Thorne, each playthrough has over 500 narrative responses.


Chart your journey to secure Griefhelm’s most coveted prize

When medieval dueling game Griefhelm stimulates your imagination, then you can pop over the Steam listing the desired game to wishlist. Positive Response by Developer Johnny Dale Lonack
“We’ve been working hard to finish our tactical dueling game, Griefhelm, and are thrilled that we’ll be launching this Summer. I’ve been spurred on by the fantastic response during the Steam Game Festival, and can’t wait to see players battle it out in online multiplayer!”
Griefhelm will be at hand to purchase for your PC via Steam on August 20, 2020.
You can wishlist the game on the official store page for purchasing it.

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