Facebook’s 50-person Zoom Rival involves Whatsapp: Here’s All You Need to Know

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Here, I will explain all things you need to know before you start using Facebook’s 50-person Zoom Rival into WhatsApp Web.
All things you need to know are these below:-

  • What is Facebook’s 50-person Zoom Rival / Facebook’s Messenger Rooms
  • Facebook’s Messenger Rooms involves Whatsapp
  • Features (Essentials) and what you can do with Facebook’s Messenger Rooms
  • How to use Facebook’s 50-person Zoom Rival into WhatsApp Web.

What is Facebook’s Messenger Rooms/ Facebook’s 50-person Zoom Rival

Facebook has just announced that it is going to expand its Facebook Live and Messenger Rooms features to allow users up to 50 people for video chat at the same time.
This Facebook’s Messenger Rooms is one of the biggest launches by the tech company till now. This announcement has been done to compete with video conference platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Skype etc.

Both have gained immense popularity due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus. This new feature Messenger room gives permission to anyone, who has a Facebook account, can chat and invite their friends to join the chat, even if they are not facebooked users.

Facebook’s Messenger Rooms involves Whatsapp

Now Facebook’s 50-person Zoom Rival has finally come to instant messaging application WhatsApp. This feature called video chat platform is now available on WhatsApp Web and desktop version of the app. And it is about to come on WhatsApp Android and iPhone apps. Before its launching, Facebook had announced that it was trying out Messenger Rooms compatibility with WhatsApp. This Zoom rival from Facebook can include 50 people in a single video conference at the same time. Tricks to use Messenger Room in Whatsapp largely remain the same, you can use this Room for: –

  • One to one, calls and video chats.
  • Group, calls and group video chats.

Still, This shortcut’s release is not for a smartphone yet. There is no official announcement on Facebook. This feature is currently for web and desktop version of Whatsapp. According to the report, the feature may soon arrive in phones as well.

Features | What you can do with Facebook’s Messenger Rooms

  • You need to log in with your Facebook account if you are not logged in to Messenger.
  • Anyone who wants to create Room for chat needs to be present for starting call.
  • Chat participants can join the Room only via link.
  • Messenger Room calls are restricted to 50 participants at a time.
  • You need to know that the Room is created on Messenger, not on WhatsApp. So chats are not end-to-end encrypted in Room and it takes away users to out of WhatsApp.
  • There is no limit of time to chat on Messenger Rooms, you can chat as much as you want.
  • Here, users have an option to keep their Room ‘closed’ to stop a new one from becoming a part of chatting.
  • Users also can make their Room opened to share the hyperlink to anyone.
  • For engaging users, Messenger Rooms is coming with filters and games.
  • The creator of Room has the right to stop the meeting anytime. He can also take away any participant at any time at any point.
  • The host of the Room, creator, has the power to keep the Room visible all Facebook friends or selected few.
  • There will apply the Facebook phrases and practices in Rooms as Room carries customers to the exterior of WhatsApp.

How to use Facebook’s 50-person Zoom Rival into WhatsApp Web

Here, Facebook has combined the shortcut method to Messenger Rooms for chatting individual or group as well. For chatting on WhatsApp Web or Desktop, there are some steps you should follow: –

  • In first, you are to open WhatsApp Web or Desktop
  • Tap the attachment icon that is above your chats listing. The attachment icon having the list of options including Create a Room.
  • There are Contacts, Photos, Videos, Camera and Documents.
  • Tap on Create a Room, there you will find two options of individual chats and group chats.
  • For individual or group chats, you have to follow the same procedure in creating a Room.
  • You should keep in mind that the Room acts as a link to get together Messenger Rooms and the app.
  • You should also have in mind that the room is not built on WhatsApp.
  • Then click on continue in messenger, this option will take you exterior WhatsApp as Messenger is a separate web site.

You can create a Messenger room in two ways

  • First, you have to update WhatsApp Web version to latest 2.2031.4.
  • After updating, you can create a Messenger room in two ways.

The first method to create a Room via chat

  1. Click on the three dots which are on the top left corner of the window.
  2.  After that, click on Create a Room.
  3. There opens a window saying “Continue with Messenger.”
  4. For creating a Room, click on “Continue with Messenger.”
  5. You can also create a Room utilizing another account if you want.

The second method to create a Room via chat

  1. Click on the attachment clip to start chat, the attachment is on the top right corner.
  2. There is a list of options, you have to select the last option of Rooms.
  3. Then tap on Continue with Messenger.
  4. Now you are able to start a video conference.

Last Words

I have described above in details how Facebook’s 50-person Zoom Rival involves Whatsapp and how Messenger Room supports Whatsapp Web.
I also depict about the features (Essentials) for Facebook’s Messenger Rooms.

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