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DocuSign is a provider of digital signature solution. A digital signature is a symbol in digital format to affix on any digital or electronic document for approval. It is a mathematical plan to verify the legality of any documents or digital messages. There are many alternatives to DocuSign, but it the most widely used for digital signature. By this digital tool, you will be able to make ready and control documents from anywhere anytime. By this DocuSign eSignature, you can sign agreements in more than 40 languages of 180 countries.

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is the word’s #1 way, the easiest and most secure, to sign and then send agreements from your device. For electronic signature, review and approval on documents, DocuSign eSignature is the most trusted and Globally adopted solution. This DocuSign mobile eSignature app is free to download. DocuSign eSignature is a product of DocuSign and it enables remote working.

  • It makes your job fast, secured and cheap.
  • It covers about 70% e-signature market compared to primary competitor Adobe’s Sign solution.
  • By this DocuSign eSignature, you will be able not only speed up your documents but also get rid of manual works.
  • It makes easy you to add yourself to your system tools.
  • It grows compliance and convenience for your employees and customers.
  • By any iOS, Android or Windows device, you can work on the go without Internet connectivity.
  • Get reminders and receive notifications at every stage by making settings of automatic.
  • You can add custom fields to your agreement for signature and date but also create and save custom fields.
  • Sign documents in 43 local languages and can send in 13.
  • You can store regularly used documents for saving time.
  • It has availed over 99.99% platform globally.
  • If you are new and want to access your account, you are to sign-up it for Google account.

How do DocuSign eSignature works

  • For using DocuSign, you are log in with google account to download this app from Google Play Store.
  • After downloading it, wait for installation in your device.
  • Open this app, there are two split windows on the upper side. One for Action required documents and another for waiting documents in your device.
  • At the bottom, there are two options for Quick Actions
  • Press first option to Create or Edit your Signature.
  • Press 2n option to edit your Profile Photo.
  • After completing the formalities, DocuSign is ready to do digital signature on your documents.
  • For quick actions, there are documents of Action Required and Waiting for Others.
  • If you have required work, then press Action Required.
  • There is a list of following documents:
      • Action Required
      • Need to Sign
      • Hosted Signing
      • Waiting for Others
      • Completed
      • Drafts and
      • Cancelled
  • You can add any documents from your device to DocuSign for signing the document.
  • Press the plus button that is on Home Page at left side.
  • You can also add any document for signing from your Profile Page, Sign & Send.
  • This plus will open your device, select any document and then press √ the icon.
  • After selecting the document, press the next button at the bottom left.
  • Who needs to sign the selected document,
  • There are three options- Me, Only Others, and Me + Others

Sign Document/agreement (For Signer – Me)

  • If you are to sign the document, press Me.
  • The document starts uploading, securing, loading signer and starting signing.
  • DocuSign will appear on the screen and starts downloading the document.
  • After opening the document, tap on the document to add fields.
  • After tapping, a rectangle box appears having first pen icon.
  • Press it, you find a digital sign on the desired place.
  • After signing on Document by you, press the icon finish.
  • After finish, a new rectangle box appears indicating, do you want to share this document after signing?
  • If you want to share the document, the process starts for sharing the document.
  • The screen opens respectively with:
    • Finishing signer
    • Loading signer
    • Retrieving signed document
  • Then a Window opens having sharing apps, you can share the signed document anyone via sharing apps.

Send for sign /Needs to Sign (Select signer, Only Others)

If you want to sign document another person, share the document to the person by any sharing app. For signing by another person

  • Open the DocuSign app and press the plus button that is on Home Page at left side. (You can also add any document for signing from your Profile Page, Sign & Send.)
  • This plus will open your device, select any document and then press √ the icon.
  • After selecting the document, press the next button at the bottom left.
  • A new screen opens with three options, needs to sign, press Only Others
  • A new screen opens, write the name of the recipient and email address for assign to You
  • And press √ icon
  • A new screen opens with Next at the bottom right corner, press it.
  • A new screen opens at the bottom with a pencil icon with the document.
  • Press pencil icon.
  • For adding field, press and drag pencil icon to the field where is to sign the document.
  • Press Next icon, a page of Review opens with Send icon at the bottom right.
  • Press Send icon for sending the document.
  • This message comes in waiting for others signer


I have described above how to sign and send documents for digital signature via DocuSign. DocuSign is legally bounded agreements that is lawful and court-admissible with the eSign Act. You can find out who signed when and where on documents by complete audit trail. Documents are not only encrypted but also secured.

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