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DeepFake app : In seconds it will stick your face onto GIFs

How to stick your face onto GIFs by DeepFake app(ZAO)

The app processes photos of people and instantly deletes them so it’s very safe.

Naturally, after looking at data-leaking apps like FaceApp and Zao, I had reservations about using my facial data in other such apps. The company said that the app deletes a person’s photo immediately after processing:-

Last year, we saw some horrific apps that use DeepFake technology with malicious intent. Subsequently, Facebook banned deep lea ‘confusing’ from its platform – excluding parody. However, the technique can be used independently in fun applications such as Daublit, which allows you to show your face on any GIF.

The app is quite easy to use-available on Android and iOS – by clicking the selfie and selecting a GIF that will substitute you with the original face. You should play on your selfies with numerous looks and accessories.

The app uses RefaceAI – a General Advanced Network (GAN) – to swap your face into a GIF. It has been developed by a company with the same name and was previously used in a face swapping app called Reflect (once used by Elon Mouse).

The firm’s CEO says that Daublit doesn’t rely on the 3D model of your face, used in the popular face swap app for Zao:-

In most deepfakes, they use the approach we put in to rest more than a year ago. I am talking here about the 3D masks, face reconstruction, and texture blending. Only work with previously produced and preprocessed information can be used for this method. And in facial expressions and shapes, it may be unpredictable.

The app processes photos of people and instantly deletes them. We store only the integration of ourselves-the the matrix of facial characteristics-that we share with nobody.

After playing with GIFs, RefaceAI now plans to release a face-swapping video app. However the controversy was centered on DeepFake-based images, and they are also the key reason why companies and countries prohibit the use of apps. The company will have to tread very carefully on what kind of video is allowed on the platform.

It may be one of the first apps released this year that uses DeepFake technology to swap faces. According to the news, both social media TikTok and Snapchat want to release features using the technology.

That DeepFake app is not with the name of the DeepFake app its name is ZAO and you can search it on your device store weather it is Android/IOS device. But in some regions, it’s not available in Android Device so you can download it from apkpure.

Download DeepFake(ZAO) App for PC:-

  1. First of all, you will need an Android emulator on PC. For Phoenix, OS Android Emulator clicks here.
  2. After Installing the Android Emulator in PC, Install the ZAO App in that Emulator from above Download button if not found in your store.
  3. Now complete the signup process by providing your number.
  4. After that import, your photos from the Zao Gallery or pick a video clip.
  5. Now you can share your created videos with your friends.

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